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Wow! I'm so excited I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should start by telling you a little about my passion with photography. I have a motto written on my kitchen wall. It says, "We do not remember days, but we remember moments." It's so true to me. I do not remember the day my first child took her first step but I can remember where and the moment. I do not remember the day my second child laughed out loud but I can remember when and the feeling of complete joy that filled me. Now on my third child, there are many things and days I don't remember but I recall several moments of looking at the world through his eyes and seeing things new. This is why photography fascinates me. All those things we want to remember can be captured forever in memory and image. When I see a photo it takes me back to that moment in time. I love that :)

So, with a 'lil push from my family (u know who u r) and friends I am starting a new journey. I am looking forward to the many new persons that will be placed in my life with this experience and I am very honored to have the chance to capture the moments you will cherish forever.